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Effectively challenge assessments and save more on appeals with Property Tax Plus.
Centralized Appeal Management
Efficiently create and manage multiple appeals with a cloud, fully hosted solution.
Assessment Automation
Go paperless with notices or direct API integration with assessor data feeds.
Predictive Intelligence
Leverage rule-based predictive alerts to identify assessments to file appeals.
Appeal Deadlines
Receive alerts to ensure appeals are filed on time.
Maximize Appeal Savings
Leverage technology to make informed decisions resulting in maximize appeal savings.
Data Migration
One-time custom setup ensures exhaustive data migration of existing accounts, jurisdictions, etc.
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Empower Your Appeal Management Journey

Our Appeals Platform empowers you to control your financial future, beyond just saving money.

Start Saving on Property Taxes Now

Tired of overpaying on property taxes? Join thousands who have already saved with Property Tax Plus. Our Advanced Appeals Platform makes it easy to reduce your taxes and increase your savings. Start your journey to lower taxes today.

AI Powered Search

Leverage a Natural Language AI powered search interface to get information you need to make decisions.

Simplify Appeal Management:

From tracking target values and final values to monitoring the entire appeal journey, our platform provides all the tools necessary for comprehensive appeal management.

Appeal Document Management

Automatically tag property deeds, contracts, and other important documents to specific appeals. Advanced search options help to search the documents quickly and easily.

Seamless Appeal Creation:

Our platform features a user-friendly interface that enables you to quickly create appeals using customizable appeal letter templates. Experience a seamless and hassle-free process with just a few clicks.

Automate Notice Data Extraction:

Streamline your notice data extraction with our advanced AI and OCR technology, ensuring high precision and error management, while also reducing costs by up to 60%.

Informed Decisions to Maximize Savings

Gain detailed insights state-wise and company-wise, customize your dashboard to better understand and track your savings, enabling informed appeal decision-making.

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I will say that everyone that I have personally spoken to or walked through your process has really liked it. The program is working just as we had hoped, and you and your team have been very professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process!
Datagain’s ability to scale with our organization has been invaluable. They are trusted partners who know our business well. Because of this, we are able to outsource several customer-facing and critical operational functions to Datagain allowing us to focus on our rapidly growing customer base. Datagain’s partnership has been an integral part of our success and we look forward to working with them for years to come.